Collection of THK LM Stroke 2019

LM stroke stroke – It is no coincidence that a product can last long in the market and become a leading trend. This demands very high on a product that must have all the elements of quality, brand, high application and especially safety for users. The following article, Hisaka Vietnam Company will introduce to you the collection of THK LM Stroke products. This is one of the outstanding products of THK brand from Japan, meeting all of the above factors and is expected to become a “storming” product in the industrial equipment industry and self 2019 automation.


THK LM Stroke 2019, sản phẩm THk
THK LM Stroke

Up to now, there are 7 main products in LM Stroke collection divided into 3 lines with different sizes, shapes and uses.

1. THK LM Stroke – Basic Type (ST) 

Basic Type (ST) of THK LM Stroke product is designed with a ball cage and both balls are integrated into an accurate cylindrical nut. The balls are arranged in a zigzag pattern so they can be loaded. Ball cage is a drilling cage made of light alloy with high hardness and high speed movement. A push ring and a snap ring are installed on both sides of the inner surface of the nut to prevent the cage from overloading.

This structure allows the machine to perform both rotary motion, smooth motion and complex motion with a small friction coefficient. This model is used in a wide range of applications such as setting up dies, ink rolls of printers, workpieces of stamping machines, presses, working heads of electric discharge machines, spinning machines and machines. textile, deformation measuring device, main axis of optical measuring instrument. There are two main models in this Basic Type (ST) series.

Light load type model ST

Shaft diameter: Ø6 – Ø100

LM Stroke ST model, sản phẩm LM Stroke ST model
LM Stroke ST model

Medium load type model ST-B

Shaft diameter: Ø8 – Ø100

LM Stroke ST-B model, sản phẩm LM Stroke ST-B model THK
LM Stroke ST-B model

More details about THK Basic Type (ST)

2. THK LM Stroke – Miniature Stroke (MST)

MST includes ST axis, ball cage and nut. These components can be freely combined with the application. Small section shape, minimum clearance and extremely light and smooth movement. Accordingly, the Model MST can be used in many small, accurate measuring devices such as spindle optical instruments, pen plotters, OA devices, computer terminals, automatic scales, dimensioners. Digital long and solenoid valve. In MST series, there are 3 main models:


Miniature Stroke



THK LM Stroke - Miniature Stroke, sản phẩm THK
THK LM Stroke – Miniature Stroke


LM Stroke - Miniture Stroke, LM Stroke
LM Stroke – Miniture Stroke

More details about Miniture Stroke

3. THK LM stroke – Die-Setting Ball Cage

With this line, there are 2 main models: KS and BS. These two models are designed with a large number of precision steel balls (difference: 0.0005 mm) compatible with JIS B 1501 integrated in a lightweight, high-rigid cage. The balls are arranged along the circumference of the cage in a spiral so that the ball ditches do not overlap. It allows these models to be used for a long time without wear and durability.


bo hanh trinh lm bo hanh trinh lm



THK LM Stroke, Die-setting ball cage model BK, sản phẩm THK
THK LM Stroke – Die-setting ball cage model BK

More details about THK Die-setting ball cage model BK

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